Canadians Should Use .CA For Their Online identity

Canadians know .ca is for Canada. It’s trusted because certain requirements must be met to register and own a .ca domain name. You feel confident when you look and see Proudly Canadian located in Vancouver Bc, Canada

Your email address is also a big part of your online identity, and using a 3rd party like gmail or hotmail can be risky, as they have your information, not you.

With your own .ca domain name, you will have your own unique Canadian email address and be able to independently back up and store that valuable information.

If your building your own business, don’t use facebook or a third party, there have been many instances of competitors or even facebook itself shutting down pages and all your information and contacts are gone forever.

You don’t have to build a website on a domain name, forward it to your facebook, instagram or linkedin page, anywhere you want, and still create your own unique memorable email adress. We can show you how.

Contact Us if you have any questions about domain names or want a website, or social media page developed.

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